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XNSpy Review | Cell Phone Spy & Cell Phone Monitoring

Reviewed on June 1st, 2017

Pros, Cons and Bottom Line

    • One of the few spy phone programs to feature call recording and live listening.
    • Support staff were helpful.
    • Immediately detected by antivirus.
    • This is just TrackMyFone with a different name and a few extra features.
  • XNSpy sounds good on the website but many of the key features failed to work. This is a shame because it could have been one of the best phone spy apps for Android if the features had worked.

Executive Summary

XNSpy is a cell phone monitoring software that is designed and aimed at parents, who want to monitor the device use of their teenager’s for social media and web browsing, and employers, who want to monitor if their employee’s really are being productive at work.

XNSpy sells remote phone spying software for Android and iOS devices. They currently do not offer computer monitoring software. However, as most of their competitors are now doing this, it makes sense that they will add this as an additional option sometime in the future.

The target market for XNSpy are parents who want to remotely spy on their teen's internet usage as well as employers who want to a cell phone tracker to monitor their employee's devices to make sure that they are really at work.

XNSpy has 26 cell phone spy features, including the WhatsApp spy feature. This is not as many as Mspy or FlexiSPY, but it is a solid enough number of features to elevate them above the remaining competition.

Installation Summary

XNSpy cell phone monitoring software is really hard to use compared to other mobile spy apps

When we installed XNSpy on to our device it was immediately detected by antivirus during the initial download process, before we even got a chance to install it.

XNSpy refuses to be installed if you have antivirus already installed on the device. Removing that first lets you install XNSpy but if the same antivirus software is re-installed later on (or any other antivirus software) then the chances that XNSpy will stop working are high.

Even though XNSpy is installed as a device administrator this causes the device owner to notice something is wrong if they try to remove it from the Application Manager where it is visible. Futhemore, XNSpy is visible in other menus too, such as Accessibility, which are easy to find.

The software does not hide any traces of the download file or of the download website. That means that it is easy to see if XNSpy has been installed just by checking the download history and browser history. Hardly one of the best phone spy apps then, but we will see if XNSpy can redeem itself.

We also found out that if you have antivirus software installed then it is not possible to install XNSpy after you download it. This makes it one of the hardest cell phone spy apps to install.

“You can only install XNSpy without antivirus installed first.”

XNSpy is the same as TrackMyFone and has the same installation flaws as well. It isn't the completely hidden spyphone software that they advertise on their website either.


XNSpy offers some great cell phone spy features - they just didn't work

XNSpy has an impressive list of 26 features. This means it sounds like one of the better pieces of cell phone spy software, but that does not make it the best spy phone for Android.

We were surprised that many of the key features failed to work. Even after we restarted our device many features failed to work and nothing was uploaded. Already XNSpy looks like it is not the best phone spy after all. 

“XNSpy can't even get basic features working right.”

Besides call recording, the other feature we were interested in with remote app blocking. This feature worked but it is not very well designed. After you have blocked an app there is no way to unblock it from the XNSpy dashboard. The only way we could unblock it was to completely uninstall XNSpy.

All of the key features that people want, such as call recording or ambient recording, simply did not work. For the price that is offered you also expect basic features to work as well, such as capturing video files, but they simply refused to work. We even reinstalled the software and they didn't work the second time either.

We can't recommend XNSpy as an Android spyphone app that you should purchase, even if the price is attractive and the marketing makes you reach for your wallet. The harsh reality is that XNSpy will be discovered on the device so quickly that you won't even have chance to realise that the features you were sold did not work. There are far better Android spyphone apps out there.


Remote phone spying won't get you caught because nothing actually works

“XNSpy didn't cause any data increase because the key features did not work for us to find out”

With XNSpy installed the device battery lasted for 7 hours out of the 9 hours we tested it. With XNSpy removed the results were near enough similar, as the graph below shows. This means that XNSpy does not cause significant battery drain on the device which is what you want if you want to be known as the best cell phone spyware for Android.

With XNSpy installed it did not consume a large amount of data usage but the results, compared to XNSpy being removed, do show a sizeable increase over the nine-hour period of testing.

Had these cell phone software features worked then we suspect that there would have been a very large increase in data usage on the device if it has XNSpy installed.

We cannot recommend XNSpy because we were unable to test it properly. With many of the key features not working we were unable to measure battery life and data usage effectively. Given what we had though the results show that XNSpy would have caused significant enough increases in both battery life and data usage to be noticeable.

This means that it doesn't matter if XNSpy is the Android spyphone app with the most features. Or if it is the spyphone app that is hidden entirely. If the device owner can see that the battery is draining faster, or that their monthly data consumption has increased, they will get suspicious. This will lead them to ultimately factory resetting the device, removing XNSpy. This will happen if you purchase XNSpy as your Android spyphone app of choice.


XNSpy support staff are actually helpful when you need to set up the cell phone monitoring software

We encountered one issue whilst testing XNSpy. We were unable to upgrade the subscription initially to test all features. Because XNSpy do not offer live chat we had to contact them by email.

We found that having to contact XNSpy support staff by email was slow. They were too slow to reply to our email. Whilst we were waiting we obviously had cell phone spy software that was not working as advertised. We would have preferred it if XNSpy has live chat directly inside the online portal so that we could talk to their support staff immediately and get answers to our questions.

“XNSpy support staff were helpful but that's all the software has going for it.”

We just wish that they the support team were available more frequently. XNSpy needs either livechat support, as we said, or telephone support. Too many other cell phone spy software companies also do not offer live chat for technical issues and instead they make you fill out an email and wait. This needs to change because cell phone spy software is getting more and more technical and customers do not always have the time required to set it up properly.

But at least XNSpy support staff, when they replied, were actually able to solve our support issues. This is more than other spy phone software companies could do when we reviewed their product. So, the motto with XNSpy support is to be patient. Yes, they may be slow to respond and email may not be the quickest way to communicate with them, but they will respond and when they do they are usually very helpful.

Overall, we were impressed that XNSpy support staff could solve our problem. It makes up for the fact that otherwise, the XNSpy cell phone spy software had many issues and their support staff were slow to actually respond and give help. XNSpy now needs to focus on fixing their software issues so that the level of quality in the software can at least be comparable to the level of quality (albeit slow) of their support staff.

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