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TrackMyFone Reviews | Cell Phone Monitoring For Teen Apps

Reviewed on June 1st, 2017

Pros, Cons and Bottom Line

    • Offers unique features, such as remote device locking and wiping.
    • Not as battery intensive as other spyphone apps.
    • Many features did not work.
    • This is the same as XNSpy.
    • Causes a definite increase in data usage.
  • TrackMyFone is nothing more than XNSpy, minus call recording. Like XNSpy, several of the key features simply refused to work so that also means it is not the best spy phone for Android.

Executive Summary

TrackMyFone is cell phone spy software that is designed to track popular mobile devices, such as Android and iPhone.

TrackMyFone sells mobile monitoring software for Android and iOS devices. Currently, they do not offer computer tracking, but, with most competitors also offering this, it makes sense that this may be added in the future.

The target market is parents who want to the best cell phone spyware to monitor their teen's internet usage as well as employers who want to monitor their employee's devices to make sure that they are really being used to do work.

TrackMyFone has 26 features designed for monitoring mobile devices. This is quite a lot compared to others that advertise themselves as best phone spy apps. They also offer a few features that are not found in other spy apps, such as app blocking. This may or may not make them the best spy app for Android, read our review to find out more.

Installation Summary

TrackMyFone is one of the hardest child monitoring apps to install if you want cell phone monitoring that focuses on cyberbullying and cyberstalking

On our test device, we had antivirus installed and as soon as we installed TrackMyFone it was discovered. TrackMyFone also does not delete the download URL or download file either from download history.

Even though TrackMyFone installs itself as a device administrator the software refuses to work after being detected by antivirus.

If the device owner tries to uninstall TrackMyFone from the Application Manager menu, and they cannot, because it is installed as a device administrator, then this will cause suspicion and may ultimately lead to factory reset the device.

Ultimately TrackMyFone is just too easy to find once it has been installed. That means if you are looking for the best spyphone app that is entirely hidden after you install it then we cannot recommend TrackMyFone for this purpose.

You want the best cell phone spyware to be completely hidden so immediately TrackMyFone cannot be considered the best cell phone spy.

When we tried to install the software on our Android device, after downloading the APK file using the device browser and saving to the browser itself, the software would fail to run. We downloaded it several times over, but each time we tried to run it we got an error message. We expect the best phone spy app to be easy to install.

“It's easy to find TrackMyFone on a device.”


TrackMyFone is feature-packed mobile monitoring software with a child monitoring focus, but the cyberbullying and cyberstalking features just did not work

TrackMyFone comes with 26 features. This may look enticing to customers who want to believe that this is one of the best phone spy apps, but do they all really work?

A lot of the features also only work with specific device browsers. That means that if you do not use Chrome as your browser on your phone then features such as browser history won't work either. You need cell phone spy software that works across all browsers on Android but this just isn't it.

Unfortunately, most of the advertised features just did not work. The features that did end up working did not work well either. For the price that is offered, we expected to at least get basic features to work but TrackMyFone could not even manage that.

What surprised us the most was that many basic features did not work. This is already a bad sign if TrackMyFone wants to be known as the best spy phone for Android.

This included GPS tracking and video file capturing and whilst remote app blocking sounds good, it does have one serious flaw because apps that are blocked cannot be unblocked.

“The features that people want from this software just do not work.”


During our TrackMyFone review, we noticed a definite increase in battery and data usage

“TrackMyFone causes an increase in data use.”

We tested the performance of our test device with TrackMyFone installed versus with TrackMyFone removed to see if having XNSpy installed affected the device battery life or data usage.

Battery life is important if TrackMyFone wants to be known as a cell phone spy software that is light on the battery. If the software is too heavy on the battery then it can cause the device owner to get suspicious. This is not something you want or expect from a product trying to be the best spy phone for Android.

The device lasted an hour longer with TrackMyFone removed, versus having it installed. That means that the battery usage difference is small and so TrackMyFone should not be noticeable after being installed. Therefore, we thought that TrackMyFone held its own against the best phone spy apps when it comes to battery usage.

Unfortunately, for data usage, TrackMyFone causes a spike in data usage. This would be quite noticeable if the device owner has a limited data plan and we can see the data caps being quickly exceeded with TrackMyFone installed on a device. This immediately causes suspicions to the device owner and it means that this not the cell phone spy software to pick if the device owner has a limited amount of data.

It also means that once again, TrackMyFone is not quite as hidden or discreet as the website and marketing blurb tells you. The is not the best spy phone for Android then that they want you to think it is.


Customer support were nowhere to be seen during our TrackMyFone review

TrackMyFone has no presales support. This is bad because customers need to know more about the cell phone spy software immediately so that they can make an immediate purchase. All the best phone spy apps at least have presales support.

Every good spyphone app needs to be able to offer customer support and technical support to ensure that their customers get answers to their questions in a timely manner. Unfortunately, TrackMyFone were unable to provide that to us completely. 

When it comes to technical support though, it is email only (support ticket). We contacted the support staff several times and they responded within 24 hours each time. Their replies though were generic and lacked any real kind of personalization. This is hardly the kind of support you want if you want to be known as the best cell phone spyware for Android.

We also contacted them before that to see why we had not received details on logging in to the online portal to get started. Their reply was to make sure that we had not blocked the email account or set it as junk. This was not particularly helpful to us and other support teams from rival cell phone spy software handled our queries better.

Ultimately then the support offered by TrackMyFone is not what you would expect from one of the best spy phone apps. That is why we cannot really recommend TrackMyFone cell phone spy software that you should spend your money on. When it comes to what is the best spy phone for Android there are far better choices on offer.

“All we got from support staff were basic replies that did not help solve our problems”

Learn more about TrackMyFone

For the latest updates and to learn even more about TrackMyFone’s cell phone monitoring for teen apps, children and social media, visit their website by clicking here.

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