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TheTruthSpy Reviews | Spy Software & Spy App For Android

Reviewed on May 31st, 2017

Pros, Cons and Bottom Line

    • Offers a 48-hour free trial
    • Cheap and flexible subscription packages.
    • You really need a rooted device
    • Many of the features advertised you don't actually get.
  • TheTruthSpy advertises itself as the best spy phone for Android. And whilst it offers more features than other so-called 'best spy one apps', many of those features failed to work and this means that you are definitely not getting what you paid for or what is advertised.

Executive Summary

TheTruthSpy creates and sells cell phone spy software for iPhone and Android, with over 20 features to allow parents to monitor their children or employers to monitor their employees.

TheTruthSpy offers mobile monitoring for tablets and smartphones for the iOS and Android platforms but is it really the best cell phone spyware?

The target market for TheTruthSpy are parents who want the best cell phone spyware to monitor their teenager's smartphone use or employers who want to track their employee's smartphone usage in the workplace.

It also provides advanced features such as call recording, ambient recording and remote device locking and claims to be the best spy phone app for Android when it comes to being undetected.

Installation Summary

The Truth Spy app is not really an invisible spy app

TheTruthSpy is available for both iPhone and Android. For iPhone, they only support up to iOS 7.1.2. There are no advanced features, such as call interception that you find in other cell phone spy software. For many people, these features are what make it the best cell phone spy software for them.

In what could be a scam tactic, TheTruthSpy seems to split the supported IM services in to a respective package. This means that customers who want to upgrade to the paid version will most likely upgrade to the Premium version to get IM capturing from the likes of WhatsApp. 

This is because it looks like the only Premium gets WhatsApp capturing. It turns out that you get all IM services supported, regardless of picking Premium or Gold. Both products require root access to get the IM capturing, even though TheTruthSpy advertise WhatsApp for non-rooted devices, it didn't work and we were only able to capture WhatsApp after our device was rooted with TheTruthSpy cell phone spy software.

“It turns out that many features shown on the website you don't actually get.”

When you install TheTruthSpy it installs itself as a generic Android name with an Android process icon, to avoid any further suspicion, and installs itself as a device administrator so that it cannot be easily removed from the device. Furthermore, even after installing TheTruthSpy, if you don't clear the browser history and delete the APK download file then the device owner can easily find traces of it.

Immediately then you cannot classify TheTruthSpy as the best spy phone because it is not fully hidden both before installation and after installation and it is also detected by antivirus software.

Furthermore, any technical Android user will know that system processes are never shown in the Application Manager list of installed applications. So, anything that immediately looks like a system process will grab their attention and they will most likely try to uninstall it. The best phone spy apps need to not draw undue attention to itself but TheTruthSpy does which will most likely result in a factory reset.


If you want The Truth Spy text spy to show you how to spy on Facebook Messenger chat you'll be out of luck

TheTruthSpy offers 20+ features. This is more than many other cell phone spy apps, but it is whether these work that determines if TheTruthSpy really is the best spy phone for Android.

Many of the features either did not work or worked with issues. With TheTruthSpy having such focus on IM capturing we were surprised that none of it worked. The same applied to the keylogger feature which we wanted to see how it worked, but it still failed.

We are not sure how they can advertise to be the best spyphone app if none of the features they advertise actually worked. Even some of the basic features that every cell phone spyware should get right also failed to work.

IM capturing and the keylogge were the features that really interested us for our review. Because they did not work we recommend you look at alternative Android spy apps that offer the same features. Chances are for them it works.

“There are competing products that advertise themselves where these features work.”

The recording features also did not work properly and only worked under certain conditions. This means that if you are looking for the best phone spy app for IM capturing or call recording then TheTruthSpy does not meet your needs.

TheTruthSpy definitely offers great features on their website. But, when you get the finished product, you realise you have been sold a lie. We cannot recommend TheTruthSpy if you are serious about buying an Android spy app to monitor your employees or your teenager's device activity.


This spy recorder app and its text spy features will definitely drain your phone battery

“This app isn't economical for the most of us who have strict data plans because it can consume a noticeable amount of data.”

Suffice to say, with TheTruthSpy installed, even with less heavy device use, you will notice a quite significant drop in the battery life of the device. When it comes to battery consumption the best spy phone apps should allow for the device to be used throughout the day as normal. TheTruthSpy did not really offer that.

This is something you do not really want if you are creating a spy app and the idea of the app is to not draw attention to itself. So, in conclusion, TheTruthSpy does consume more battery from the device than your average applications.

Data usage of TheTruthSpy surprised us. This is because, despite most features not working, there was still a lot of data consumed. We noticed that the data upload and download icon in the notification bar were lit up constantly whilst TheTruthSpy was installed. Immediately the device owner will know that something is wrong. This is not something you want from cell phone spy software.

The best cellphone spyware needs to ensure that the device data plan is not affected. But our testing suggests that TheTruthSpy is always active and maintains an open connection to the server always, even when data is not being uploaded, which may ensure data is uploaded promptly.


Without customer support to help you get features working, The Truth Spy is nothing more than an SMS spy for text messages

During our review of TheTruthSpy, we encountered a few issues so we had to contact support. When we signed up for the trial we immediately wanted to upgrade to the Gold version to ensure that this is a fair comparison.

“TheTruthSpy support team were neither knowledgeable or courteous and did not answer our questions.”

Although we were impressed that there was at least a trial. But just because there is a trial it does not mean it is the best phone spy app for you.

We emailed their support team, both directly and through the online portal. We received no reply. We gave them an ultimatum that, unless we were upgraded within 24 hours, we would file a PayPal dispute against them, which is justified.

The message inside the online portal, asking not to file a dispute, leads us to believe, based upon our own experience, that TheTruthSpy receives a lot of PayPal disputes. If they really were the best spy phone for Android they would not need to plead with customers to not file a PayPal dispute.

After waiting 48 hours we finally got an email reply from the support team and our account had been upgraded. There was absolute no personality to any of the support emails, it literally was just like talking to a robot each time.

Out of all the features we received, after struggling with upgrading, the only features that really worked were the most basic ones. There is another cell phone spy software that is much cheaper than TheTruthSpy and offers working features.

TheTruthSpy support was robotic and only responded after being threatened with a PayPal dispute which leaves us with a sour taste in our mouth and a case of buyer's remorse in the end.

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