Welcome to the Spy Phone Review archives

Did you know Spy Phone Review has been around since 2006? Hard to believe but it’s true. The spy phone market and landscape has changed a lot over the last eight years so, if you want to take a trip down memory lane, simply click the links below.

What is Spy Phone Software?

A comprehensive look of spy phone software in 2006. A lot of the information is still actually relevant today. If you are curious about how mobile phone spy software started or who was the first to bring this technology to the masses then this section is for you.

What phones can be spied on?

Nothing changes more than the smartphone landscape. Did you know that back when Spy Phone Review launched the iPhone didn’t even exist? Now we cannot live without it. Furthermore Nokia were the smartphone kings, unlike now where Apple and Android reign supreme. For a complete look at spy phone platforms back when it all started simply click above.

What features can be spied on?

Back in 2006, when FlexiSPY was first launched, it gave people the ability to listen in to live calls for the first time. This was beyond huge and brought military grade technology to the mobile masses. Fast forward to 2014 and your smartphone is so much smarter so spy phone software has got smart too. See the first features that spy phone enthusiasts were given access to in this section.

Who makes spy software?

FlexiSPY was the first spy phone software manufacturer back in 2006. But who else was there too and are they still around? Suffice to say that competitors have come and gone over the years and new and old rivals continue to do battle for smartphone software dominance. If you want to know who FlexiSPY faced off against, and won, back when they first started then this informative and in-depth look at the spy phone vendors of 2006 is just what you need.