Jailbreaking and FlexiSPY – Important Information

Important Information for iOS 9.0 – 9.0.2 users

The spycall (live room bugging), live call intercept and spycam features of FlexiSPY Extreme and FlexiSPY iPad ARE NOT iOS 9 compatible.

Do I need to jailbreak my device to install FlexiSPY?

Yes.  FlexiSPY requires that the device (iPhone or iPad) has been fully jailbroken before it can be installed.

How can I tell if my device is already jailbroken?

On a jailbroken iPhone or iPad you will see an icon called Cydia.  FlexiSPY can hide this as part of the installation- see below to learn how.

Supported IM programs and version numbers for jailbroken iOS devices – December 2015

Below is a table showing the current version numbers for each IM service FlexiSPY for iPhone supports.

IM Client Version
Facebook Messenger (includes VoIP call logs) 53
FaceTime (includes VoIP call logs) N/A
Hangouts 6.1.0
LINE (includes VoIP call logs) 5.9.1
Skype (includes VoIP call logs and VoIP Call Recording) 6.8.2
Snapchat 9.22.0
Viber (includes VoIP call logs and VoIP Call Recording) 5.7.1
Whatsapp (includes VoIP call recording) 2.12.13
WeChat (includes VoIP call logs) 6.3.9
Yahoo Messenger 2.2.9

Any IM version higher than the number listed is not supported at this time.  Software updates will appear inside your FlexiSPY portal whenever newer IM version are supported.

How to hide the Cydia and FlexiSPY icons after you install

FlexiSPY allows you to hide its own software icon & the Cydia icon. To do this, access FlexiSPY on the jailbroken device and go to the Configure menu. iPhone Configure menu

How to hide/unhide the Cydia and software icons after installing for the first time

By default, after installation, all icons will be visible and their status will be green (enabled) which means they are visible. After you install the software for the first time and activate it you will see the main screen of the software. You need to tap the Configure option and then you will see the screenshot below. As you can see all icons are visible.

iPhone software visibility options

FlexiSPY’s Configure menu with all icons visible.

Tap Phone Monitor to turn it grey to hide the software icon. Tap Cydia to turn it grey to hide the Cydia icon. Tap Pangu to turn it grey to hide the Pangu icon (iOS 8.1 only)

How to hide/unhide the Cydia and software icons after already installing

If you have already installed and activated the software and you wish to hide/unhide Cydia or the software icon you must follow these steps:

  1. Get the TARGET device physically.
  2. Dial *# and then your license code as a call on the TARGET device.  You can find your license code listed in the Account section of your online portal.  The software icon will then appear.
  3. Tap the software icon, then tap the Configure option and follow the steps below.

Tap Phone Monitor to hide/unhide the software icon. Tap Cydia to hide/unhide the Cydia icon. Tap Pangu to hide/unhide (iOS 8.1 only)

Note: If any of the options listed are grey they are hidden.  If any of the options listed are green they are visible.

Important note about hiding Cydia when uninstalling FlexiSPY

If you uninstall FlexiSPY after having hid the Cydia icon then the Cydia icon will be visible again.  The only way to then remove the visible Cydia icon is to factory restore the device using iTunes.

Author: Marc Harris

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  • dishman

    i have iphone 6s with ios 9.0.2 but can not get or find a pangu to run or get past loading the updates to phone. I never get to a start button to start the process. Can you help me figure it ou, can you help, or how can I find someone local to do it for me via internet or phone??

  • Susy

    Do you have any idea is the most updating ios version will be when device factory restore What version will be with 9.3.1, Iphone 6s?
    I need jailbreak but i can’t be done, because version 9.3.1 what i have now … will it helpful to factory restore for use FlexiSPY software?
    Please help me

    • Hello Susy.

      If you factory reset the device then, if you do this via iTunes, as part of the restore process the device will automatically be upgraded to the latest version of iOS.

      That means that, if the device is currently running iOS 9.3.1 (which cannot be jailbroken so our software cannot be used) and it is factory reset then the iOS version will actually be upgraded to the latest version which is iOS 9.3.2.

      There is no way to use FlexiSPY on any iOS device that is not jailbroken and the latest iOS version that can be jailbroken is iOS 9.1. This version is old now and nobody knows if or when a new jailbreak for later versions of iOS will be released.

      We are all waiting.

      Spy Phone Review

  • audry

    Hello! Can you help me please. there is an iphone5 with iOS like version 7.. The
    phone was already jailbroken, and had flexiSPY installed. if the iphone owner will
    upgrade iOS with Itunes (does it matter to what version?), i guess, there will be no jailbrake any more? but will
    flexiSPY still be installed on the device and be working, or with the upgrade it will
    be destroyed and there will be no opportunity to spy any more? Or – can i jailbreake the iphone with new iOS again – remotely with your service, and use flexiSPY without touching the iphone phisically? are there any
    possibilities to make flexiSPY working after the upgrading of iOS via ITunes??
    thank you.

    • Hello Audry.

      The device owner must NOT upgrade the iOS version of the device through iTunes or on the device itself in any way. If they do this then it will upgrade the iOS version from iOS 7 to the latest one which is iOS 9.2.1. Right now, there is no jailbreak for iOS 9.2.1.

      That means that not only will the software stop working (because the device is no longer jailbroken) but, because of there being no jailbreak for iOS 9.2.1 (and nobody knows if or when there will be one) you cannot reinstall the software physically again on the device to get it working either.

      Spy Phone Review.

      • audry

        thank you for the quick answer.
        if there be jailbreak for iOS 9.2.1 in the future, can i jailbreak the device with your service remotely, without accessing the device phisically (and what do i need for this – like icloud password, or device IMEI)? or first i have to add flexispy application to it again (does the flexispy application remain on it after the update or it deleats once the device updated)?

        • Hello Audry.

          Once the device is updated to a newer version of iOS the software no longer functions or exists on the device.

          If a jailbreak is released you can still use the FlexiSPY installation service to jailbreak the device but you will also always have to get the device physically as well. It can never be done remotely.

          We cannot say if you will need additional information too such as the Apple ID account details. That depends on the jailbreak tool.

          Thanks for contacting us.

          Spy Phone Review.

  • bob

    what will happen with spyphone if i factory restored the device?

    • Hello Bob.

      If the device is factory reset it will be upgraded to iOS 8.4.1.

      This can’t be jailbroken so the software can’t be used.

      We mention that iOS 8.4.1 can’t be jailbroken at the top of the page.

      Spy Phone Review

  • James

    Hi Team,

    You are stating that you support FB messenger V31.0 and Whatsapp V2.12.4 for IOS but for both the capturing is not working as expected. Actually many messages are not captured and a lot of gaps in the conversations being captured by Flexispy.

    This means that decryption for both FB messenger and Whatsapp is not complete?

    For Whatsapp it has been always working fine but with the Flexispy latest update for IOS I am experiencing the same issue I had and still have with FB messenger.

    I have raised these issues through support but still waiting for actions from your side.

    • Hello James.

      This website is not support for FlexiSPY so please understand that. That means that you must raise any and all issues with the FlexiSPY software using the right channel which is by submitting a ticket to http://support.flexispy.com and wait for them to respond.

      The issues won’t be fixed immediately, it will take time because the new iOS versions have only just been jailbroken and testing is still under way. There are also regular IM updates as well. You said it yourself that you have raised the issue with FlexiSPY support so please wait for them to respond.

      Usually a software update notification will simply appear whenever new IM changes or updates are available with the software so simply wait for that inside your account. Once again, we do not answer FlexiSPY support question on this site.

      Spy Phone Review.