Here’s why Mspy’s no jailbreak spy software just doesn’t work

This article will discuss the pros and cons of using a no jailbreak solution from Mspy compared to waiting for a compatible jailbreak and then using conventional spy phone software, such as FlexiSPY, which requires the iOS device to be jailbroken first.

There’s no denying it, jailbreaking is a big hurdle for many people.

It presents several issues.

  • What is jailbreaking and will it damage the device?

Not many people know what jailbreaking is or how to perform it. Therefore having to do extra steps may put them off jailbreaking the device and installing the software.

  •  Not every version of iOS can be jailbroken

At the time of writing iOS 9.0.2 has just been released. It cannot be jailbroken yet and nobody knows if or when a jailbreak will be released. People who are unware of jailbreaking or don’t know what it is won’t be happy if the product they just purchased doesn’t immediately work.

  • Jailbreaking comes in different forms: tethered and untethered.

A tethered jailbreak is where the device is jailbroken until it restarts or runs out of battery. This is no deal. Untethered means that once it is jailbroken it remains jailbroken (unless factory reset). It is untethered jailbreaks that people are waiting for but with each iOS new iOS version released it gets harder and takes more time to get an untethered jailbreak.

Mspy’s no jailbreak solution sets about to solve this problem by requiring the Apple ID instead of jailbreaking.

But even this has issues, as we will now explain.

Getting the Apple ID account details sounds easy on paper

To many customers the ability to get the Apple ID will immediately sound more appealing than getting the device itself.

But most people lock their phones with passcodes so this would need to be bypassed. That is the first issue. If you cannot get the device passcode then the no jailbreak solution can’t work and if you don’t have the Apple ID account details you are simply out of luck.

What features do you get on a non-jailbroken device?

So what features can you get from a no jailbreak solution? You are in limited to the features that you get compared to a normal jailbreak solution.

Mspy Premium

Mspy Basic




Call logs capturing
Block incoming calls
SMS capturing
MMS capturing
Email capturing
GPS capturing
Browsing history
Wi-Fi networks
Block websites
Address book
Installed applications
Block applications
Photo capturing
Video capturing
Remote Device Wipe
Remote Device Lock
Call recording
Call intercept
Facetime SpyCam
Ambient Recording
Spoof SMS
Audio capturing
Facebook Messenger

In all you get a total of 23 features on a jailbroken device with Mspy’s Premium version and 10 features on Mspy’s Basic version. You get just 7 features with Mspy on a non-jailbroken device. The interesting thing is that Mspy Basic (10 features) is priced at $29.99 for 1 month, the same as their non-jailbreak version and immediately there is more benefit in jailbreaking the device to get those additional features.

But how does Mspy collect data if the device is not jailbroken? How does it use the Apple ID details? It reads from the iCloud backups stored online in the Apple account whose Apple ID details you entered inside the Mspy portal.

One interesting thing to note is that iCloud backups don’t contain Skype or Whatsapp data but Mspy advertise this on a non-jailbroken device. Because many people want to monitor IM services (and will need to jailbreak) Mspy are hoping to cash in on those customers and get them to purchase their non-jailbreak version instead.

Personal Data inside iCloud backup Mspy (no jailbreak)
Contacts Yes
Call History Yes (called Call logs)
Messages Yes (called Text Messages)
Message attachments No
Voicemail No
Voice Memos No
Calendar Yes
Reminder Yes
Notes Yes
Safari Bookmarks No
Safari History Yes

But, as tempting as that sounds there are quite a lot of features that Mspy’s no jailbreak solution doesn’t actually grab from the iCloud backup, as you can see above. The features that Mspy does capture from the iCloud backup are basic and is nothing you cannot find in Mspy Basic.   You can also get a lot of this information such as SMS logs and call logs data from third party applications too on the App Store.

The no jailbreak solution also has limitations.

  • If you can’t get the Apple ID details
  • If the device owner doesn’t backup their device
  • If the device owner does not use iCloud
  • If the device owner backs up their device but then stops
  • If you don’t know the device passcode
  • It can take too long to get new data

Inside the Mspy portal you also have to constantly resync data from inside the Mspy portal to see if iCloud backups are updated or not to get new data. With each backup from the device varying in size and depending on the internet connection on the device getting new data can take some time. Sometimes an iCloud backup can span several gigabytes of data and take hours to upload from the device to iCloud for Mspy to then query and update to the Mspy portal.

iCloud or iCloud backup: which is best?

If you have the Apple ID username and password you actually have access to more information than what Mspy provides you.

All you have to do is log into iCloud.

Inside the iCloud dashboard you have access to a whole wealth of information, including media, which is probably the most valuable kind of information inside there, except for using Find my iPhone to lock or wipe the device.

Besides pictures though you also get basic information such as contacts and calendar details. What is interesting is that iCloud doesn’t store SMS messages. Mspy instead gets the SMS messages of the device from the backup itself.

So essentially each iCloud backup really just contains:

  • Photos and videos
  • iMessages
  • SMS messages
  • Voicemail

iCloud already contains data for contacts, calendars, bookmarks, mail messages, notes, shared photo albums, iCloud Photo Library, My Photo Stream, and documents saved to iCloud. These are not backed up.

So what Mspy does is capture the data it can from the backups and combining it with any data already present inside iCloud for the features that it supports.

We’re going to take a look at the data that is already inside iCloud in more detail in the next section.

What data is found inside iCloud?

iCloud itself contains more data than what Mspy actually gives you for $29.99.


You can see all emails sent and received on the device and the attachments.


All contacts and their details are included.


Full calendar details are also shown and any events of interest can be clicked for more information.


This is the main reason why just getting the Apple ID account details and logging in to iCloud is better than using Mspy. Mspy doesn’t capture the pictures or videos inside an iCloud account.


All notes can be viewed.


All reminders are listed and can be viewed.

You can also remotely lock or wipe the device using the Find my iPhone feature (this is the same feature that must be turned off when jailbreaking the latest iOS versions and is why you now need the Apple ID details for jailbreaking too).

Do you really need Mspy’s no jailbreak solution?

This is like breaking into a car when you already have the keys.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

If you have the Apple ID details you don’t really need the Mspy no jailbreak solution for the following reasons:

  1. You can view pictures and videos from iCloud. You can’t do this with Mspy.
  2. You can read emails. You can’t do this with Mspy.
  3. You can remotely lock or wipe the device. You can’t do this with Mspy.
  4. It costs nothing to access iCloud.  Mspy costs you money.

There is no real need to have this no jailbreak program if you have the Apple ID account details already available to you. You can just log into iCloud and get all the information you require from there.

With most iOS devices having multiple backups too many people may find that, like we did, no data gets uploaded by Mspy until they choose the correct backup and if the device owner suddenly turns off iCloud backups then it means that Mspy will no longer work.

That means that if the owner changes devices are deletes backups from iCloud or their device then Mspy will stop working because it tries to look for data from a backup that doesn’t exist.

So ultimately on paper the no jailbreak solution sounds great but don’t be fooled.  It’s actually more trouble than its worth.

Currently iOS 9 – 9.0.2 can now be jailbroken so this no jailbreak solution will never provide as many features as you can get from a jailbroken device so jailbreaking is the way to go.

Don’t forget also that FlexiSPY offers a remote jailbreaking service here who will be more than happy to help you jailbreak any iOS 9 device once FlexiSPY is compatible with iOS 9 devices.

Author: Marc Harris

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  • Tami

    I purchased the no jail-break option and encountered numerous problems. This is what happened: 1. Getting the Apple ID and password was an ORDEAL that I thought was the only thing I would have to master. 2. I encountered the error message of “invalid API key” on the mspy software, indicating I had to turn off two-factor authentication and setup security questions for iCloud instead. 3. I had to get the phone’s passcode so I could get into apple ID to turn off 2-factor authentication and also to turn on auto backup of iCloud. 4. I successfully accomplished all of those things, and then the person was sent an email saying their security questions had been changed, so they changed their Apple ID password!!!
    In a fit of rage, I wrote to mSpy customer care, and was told “most parents don’t have any trouble turning off 2-factor authentication of their child’s device, and mspy website says service is intended for parents”; I was denied a refund, and given 3 ridiculous options instead to freeze my account, to convert to the package for laptops instead of mobile phones, and something else I can’t remember. Also, I attempted to reach them by phone (8 times), and was each time disconnected after making my language selection. Utterly infuriating. Now that I have the device’s passcode, I would totally go for the jailbreak option, but I no longer know what the password is for the Apple ID.
    Update: After several communications with their customer care team in which I referenced their supposed dedication to customer satisfaction as well as all the issues I had utilizing their service, they granted me a refund. So, there is hope yet. Or they were just afraid that I would post this review. Which I’ve done anyway to protect my fellow consumers. You’re welcome.

  • Selina

    Hi there
    I just purchased a one month package for the non-jailbreak and I am so glad I read this before I entered the details of the targeted phone ! I don’t know If they have 2 factor authentication and I presume that they would be notified if they do ???? It doesn’t say this anywhere on their site so I am going to request a refund !

    • Hello Selina.

      Unfortunately there is no way to tell if the user has two factor authorization enabled on their iCloud account.

      Mspy won’t mention this limitation of their system. If they do have two factor authentication enabled, and you use Mspy, the person will be notified that someone is trying to access their account.

      Furthermore, because the user doesn’t authenticate the request to access their iCloud account, Mspy will refuse to work.

      Let us know if you manage to get a successful refund or not.

      Spy Phone Review.

      • Mike

        I tried it on my phone and I have two factor authentication enabled but apple did not notify me that someone was trying to access my account

        • Hello Mike.

          Thanks for your feedback. When we tested it, with 2FA enabled, we were notified when we added the iCloud details in to the Mspy account portal. Mspy support even confirmed to us it can happen too.

          Spy Phone Review

  • Shirley

    What i did not know is that 2 factor authentication needs to be disabled to ensure that the target does not get a message letting them know that their i cloud details are being used ? This was not disclosed to me when I signed up for mspy ? Disappointing ….

    • Hello Shirley.

      The only way for any non-jailbreak tool to work is to use the Apple ID of the TARGET device owner and they must also have iCloud backups enabled. It is very easy for the device owner to just turn backups off or sign out of iCloud and then you don’t get any data any more.

      And yes, if the device owner has two factor authentication enabled, there is no way that the no jailbreak solution can work for you and the device owner will get a notice saying that someone is trying to log in.

      Spy Phone Review.

      • Shirley

        Thanks for your response, if only mspy had been clear before I signed up and paid the first monthly payment. I did try and google the question regards icloud notifications but couldn’t find anything, i guess I didn’t look hard enough, lesson learned…. again thanks for your response

        • Hello Shirley.

          Mspy typically being Mspy, they won’t tell you the most important things you need to know about the software, until it is too late. You are better waiting for a jailbreak for the latest version of iOS 10 than to use a no jailbreak solution.

          Sure, no jailbreak solutions look tempting on paper, but, as you have discovered, and our article shows, it isn’t as fool-proof as the advertisement makes it out to be.

          Out of curiosity, did you ask for a refund from Mspy for this? If so, what was their response? Mspy claim to have less than 1% refund rate, but, with stunts like this, we don’t quite believe this, so we are interested to know if you actually got refunded or you just filed a chargeback against them with your bank.

          Spy Phone Review.

          • Shirley

            I only purchased the month premium less than 3 days ago. I have not tried to get refund as looked online and there seems to be some negative feedback regards their refund policy so didn’t bother trying to get one, do you think it would be worthwhile trying ? Chargeback from bank do you know what this entails ? As when I paid the £48.59 I received a message from my bank to confirm the transaction ?

          • Hello Shirley.

            As a consumer, if you are not happy you are entitled to a refund. If you ask for one and Mspy do not allow you to have one, we’d be interested to know. This is because we did an article on this some time back which may interest you.


            In the event that you cannot be refunded back by Mspy, just contact your bank and show them the transaction on your card statement and ask them to chargeback. They will do the hard work for you, but always try to get a refund the usual way first.

            Spy Phone Review.

        • Hello Shirley.

          Mspy, obviosuly, won’t tell you the entire truth. A lot of it is marketing and you have to read between the lines or, you end up getting burnt after purchase. See if you can get a refund and let us know your experience doing that.

          Spy Phone Review.

          • Shirley

            Thanks for your response. I contacted mspy for refund and they gave me 3 options, freeze my subscription until I can access phone to turn of 2 factor authentication, transfer to pic or laptop or they will give me free month subscription. I replied that this was not suitable for me and asked again for refund. They replied and offered me 70% refund as I had recived information from the product. I explained that i had entered my own phone number hence why I knew I had to disable 2 factor authentication before I tried target phone. Awaiting response. Feel that they are dragging their heels and not happy will giving refund to customers. ?

  • Mia

    So, I have a very specific/targeted need. I just want to see someone’s text messages and iMessages – the actual content, not just a log of sender/receiver, cell numbers and timestamp. Will mSpy without jailbreak do the trick? I have the target’s appleID and password. I don’t want to mess with auto forward b/c that will show the number to which messages are being forwarded. I can handle one message on target phone saying iCloud account has been signed in to. Other than initial email notification, does it happen any more times? I do not believe the target phone backs up to the cloud at present. So, other than just turning “Backup” to on under iCloud settings, can I pass on selecting anything else? I don’t want photos or mail or contacts or anything else that they could be seen if user logged into iCloud itself. Help??

    • Hello Mia.

      Sorry for the late reply, just noticed this comment. If the TARGET device owner doesn’t back up to iCloud then the no jailbreak solution can’t work at all. Also, if the TARGET device owner has two factor authentication enabled for their Apple ID, the no jailbreak solution cannot work because as soon as you try to sign in, using Mspy or any other no jailbreak solution, the device owner will get a notification that someone it trying to log in, as well as a request to allow that log in. That ultimately means that you get discovered pretty quick – see Shirley’s comment above.

      Spy Phone Review.

  • Matt Bouldry

    I agree 100%. They are very misleading, or used to be, on their website. I have to run jailbroken iOS 9.0.2 on my kids phones to see what they’re doing?! Useless. Non-jailbroken mSpy means I can see texts and browsing history? I can pick up their phone and do that, or connect their text messages to my iMac using my apple ID, and see their browsing history on Chrome. You can even prevent them from using incognito mode in Chrome. mSpy will fail.

    • Hello Matt.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. We are always interested to hear from customers who have had experience with Mspy.

      We have two things that we want to know more about. For example, if Mspy supposedly has this iron-clad refund policy and does not give refunds then what happens when an Mspy customer performs a chargeback instead?

      Also, there seems to be some sort of affiliation with Mspy and Google. Before you think we here are crazy think about it. Google allowed Mspy to have their apps in the Play Store (against their terms).

      Google still allows Mspy to advertise their software on YouTube, a Google service, and again, doing this is against their terms.

      Lastly, and the biggest piece of the puzzle so far, Mspy is in the AdWords program. That means you can Google ‘Spy on iOS’ and an ad for Mspy will pop up.

      This is clearly in violation of the AdWords program for sites that ‘promote hacking services’ or ‘enable dishonest behavior’ yet Google sees nothing wrong with the Mspy website at all.

      It just does not add up and Google don’t seem to care or be responsible and have ignored all our requests for more information about how Mspy is still in the AdWords program.

      Here’s a link to the AdWords policies for reference:

      When you step back and think about it, you have to wonder. There is more going on here between Mspy and Google than they want us to know.

      Spy Phone Review.

  • Cindy Breaux

    I have used the icloud I’d and password an gotten in BUT the owner of the target phone will get an email stating it has been detected someone has accessed his icloud. So then they know. What can I do for that situation?

    • Hello Cindy.
      There is nothing you can do. That is why the no jailbreak solution, although it sounds good on paper, can actually get you caught quicker than conventional methods which rely on getting the device physically for installation.

      Spy Phone Review.