This article looks at how well FlexiSPY and MSpy each spy on WhatsApp messages. We show you why shared media is important in IM communications, and how much of this rich content each product captures.

If you want the full meaning of an IM conversation, you need to capture more than text alone. We found that MSpy only captures 1 type of WhatsApp data, the text-only part of the IM. All other WhatsApp communication was missed; such as pictures, location, and other forms of media being shared. This is compared to 7 types of WhatsApp data successfully captured by FlexiSPY.

As with all MSpy IM capture, the communication it does capture is lined up in sequential rows against one side of the screen, while FlexiSPY’s layout has each contact on alternating sides for easy readability. Aside from WhatsApp, MSpy also claims to capture Skype, iMessage, Social Network (Facebook) and Viber. We look at each of these in other articles from this series.

Is rich media really so important?

Shared content like pictures are not always crucial, but as easy as it is to share media it’s become a regular part of how most people chat. If a picture is sent by a contact and your target user replies “I want that tonight!,” then without seeing the picture you won’t know if your target wanted a hot dog… or another type of sausage. If they say “Meet me here” and send location data, or if they send an audio message that says “I love you,” you’ll be left with only your imagination unless you can monitor this part of the message also.

Popular IMs like WhatsApp let users send a variety of chat elements such as stickers, emoticons, audio, pictures, video clips and location data. This is why it’s crucial that a cell phone monitoring app like FlexiSPY captures much more data than text alone, which you need in order to understand the full meaning behind those chats.

Here are the seven pieces of chat information you can send via WhatsApp:

We used this information as sample data for testing both MSpy and FlexiSPY. In the screenshot above you can see a conversation with some of these WhatsApp chat elements as displayed on the target phone itself.

What Does MSpy Capture?

We confirmed that text logs were captured in MSpy’s WhatsApp logs, but any rich content such as shared media or locations were generally not captured at all.

No images, videos or audio was found, not even the contact’s name or profile photo.

Sometimes an empty row appears in these places.

One thing MSpy did capture was the contact’s phone number, but without a contact name or profile image the real identity of the recipient still remains a mystery.

How does FlexiSPY capture WhatsApp?

FlexiSPY captured all chat and rich content media shared in our conversations. This includes shared locations, audio, photos and videos. Emoticons were also captured (such as the small smiley faces), although these are represented only by their text equivalents.

FlexiSPY has proven to capture more WhatsApp chat data than any competing mobile monitoring app – including MSpy.

The FlexiSPY logs are also laid out in the familiar and easy to read style of alternating text on each side of the screen, the same as the chats are displayed in WhatsApp itself.

FlexiSPY vs MSpy – The Bottom Line

Our findings are based on real world testing. It’s not hard to see that MSpy doesn’t deliver some of the most important elements of WhatsApp communication such as shared photos, video and audio files. Nor does it capture even the recipient’s contact name or profile image. This leaves MSpy lagging as FlexiSPY kicks up a bit of dust on its flyby. If you don’t want to miss anything from your target’s WhatsApp communications, FlexiSPY is the best and only choice.

FlexiSPY also captures other popular IM services which are summarized in the table below and in the blog article here. We compare these in other articles from this series.

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