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FlexiSPY Reviews | The Best Spy Phone App Monitoring Software

Reviewed on July 27th, 2017

Pros, Cons and Bottom Line

    • More features than any other spyphone software.
    • All features worked when tested, but required additional configuration.
    • Offers many unique features you cannot find anywhere else.
    • Very expensive compared to competitors.
    • Requires a rooted device to get the most Android features.
    • No free trial.
  • FlexiSPY is still the best spyphone you can buy for Android. And with unique features like call recording and being able to listen to a live call (that you cannot find anywhere else) that alone is a serious case for FlexiSPY being the best cell phone spyware you can buy.

Executive Summary

FlexiSPY was the first kind of cell phone spy software. Starting out in 2005 they created spy phone software for Symbian and BlackBerry and Windows Phone. They now support iPhone and Android as well as PCs and Macs. With over 150 features, FlexiSPY is the most feature packed spyphone software you can buy.

FlexiSPY offers smartphone monitoring software for Android smartphones and tablets, iOS devices, Symbian and BlackBerry phones as well as PCs and Macs.

The target market for FlexiSPY are employers who want to monitor their employee's devices in and out of the workplace as well as parents who want to monitor their teenager's cell phone use.

FlexiSPY already has the best track record of all other spyphone software we have reviewed, along with the most features and compatibility. However, it needs more than that if it wants to be the best Android spyphone you can buy. Our review will tell you if it really is worth your money.

Installation Summary

Android spy apps don't have to be hard to install

When you are looking for the best Android spy app you need one that is not only easy to install but also completely invisible afterwards. Furthermore, you also need one that is quick to install too because time may be of the essence.

FlexiSPY for Android can be quite technical to set up, although it helps you through the entire process by guiding you where to go and what features you need to disable to get it working. You also need a rooted device to get the most features but not all Android devices, even when rooted, may be able to run all FlexiSPY's root features.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the compatibility requirements. Luckily FlexiSPY has a remote installation service that helps you determine if your Android device can be rooted and if you get all features so you can find out ahead of time.

If you have an unrooted Android device or if your device does not allow you to hide the software completely then FlexiSPY will be detected by antivirus software. We found though that all the Android spy phone apps are detected by antivirus though if they are not fully rooted or the device is not rooted at all.

“FlexiSPY offers you the most features for your money, many of them exclusive.”

Apart from that, if you can ensure that your Android device meets all FlexiSPY's requirements, and it can be rooted and can run all FlexiSPY's root features then installation is in fact very quick and only takes around ten minutes in total to download, install and activate the software to get started.

With FlexiSPY supporting the latest Android OS versions too it is compatible on nearly all Android devices. Rooting makes FlexiSPY a far better product, but even if you install FlexiSPY on to an unrooted device, you still get more features than the total number of combined features offered by several competitors.


The FlexiSPY spy phone app deliver on all its features

FlexiSPY advertises 150 spying features. This is far more than any other spy phone app. If we take the sheer number of features, FlexiSPY is already the best Android spy phone you can buy. FlexiSPY has more features than any other cell phone spy app on the market and many of these features you won't find anywhere else.

This is far more than any other cell phone spy app we have reviewed. If we take the sheer number of features, FlexiSPY is already the best Android mobile spy you can buy. FlexiSPY gives you more features, many of which are exclusive to FlexiSPY, which gives you the most power full phone spy software you can buy. This is one of the best spy apps we have ever reviewed, if not the best.

For example, if you want the best instant messaging capturing then you need FlexiSPY because it captures the entire IM message contents, not just the text, the same way that you need FlexiSPY if you want to listen to live calls in real time or record them. It is this kind of forward thinking that has allowed FlexiSPY to remain the best cell phone spyware that you can buy.

When we tested FlexiSPY Extreme on our rooted Android device we found that all features worked when we tested them. This may not be the case for another device, even when rooted, and this is where you realise that FlexiSPY, for all its great features, is still too complex and technical for most people to use.  

“If you want the best in IM capturing or call recording FlexiSPY is your only option.”

This is because the software may not work fully on all devices so it is a lottery whether you get all features or not, even if you do manage to get the device rooted successfully. This means that if you want IM capturing then there is a large chance this feature may not work for you, even if your device is rooted. Many people may find this a little misleading or hard to understand because this is not really advertised on the website.

Non-root features, such as the basics, SMS capturing, call logs and so on, worked flawlessly and immediately after installation. Call recording, a feature exclusive to FlexiSPY that does not require root, is once again technical to set up. Other features such as spoof SMS or remote camera picture taking also worked but it was not immediate.

FlexiSPY recently released a key log feature to replace their password grabber feature that only worked on certain Android OS versions. This feature requires some additional set up during installation but it ended up working for us and capturing key logs after installations, except for passwords.

IM capturing is also something that many people may be interested in but it is also a little complex to set up. Not only do you need a rooted device but you also need to make sure that the version of any IM installed on the device matches the version that FlexiSPY supports, otherwise it may not work. This makes IM capturing something of a gamble too but because FlexiSPY supports more IM than any other competitor this could be a way to ensure that it all works. Again though, this is something that you find out about after you purchase, not before.

There is also a chance here that, due to the device, it may not work properly or at all for you. This is most likely due to the sheer Android fragmentation more than anything else and at least FlexiSPY make a conscious effort to improve call recording compatibility, compared to other cell phone spy apps where this feature is advertised but hardly works, for the same reasons.

Overall, FlexiSPY is the best spy phone if you want the most features and the most power as well. However, this comes at a price when it comes to ease of use. If you can put the effort in and configure FlexiSPY correctly then you will get the best Android cell phone spy available.


FlexiSPY is the best monitoring software for battery and data use

“FlexiSPY's the best Android software you can buy.”

On our Android device, we got just over seven hours of battery life from FlexiSPY installed, using the default settings which uploads data as soon as it is captured to the online portal. This is more than other spy phone apps we have reviewed. We did, however, notice that we had an increase in data usage on the device due to call recording and ambient recording and the remote camera feature too.

Furthermore, we noticed that during times when data was due to be uploaded or was being captured the device would sometimes run hot. Once the data was uploaded to the online portal the device heat dissipated. This may be due to the device itself and other apps on it that may be also trying to upload data constantly but it may also be caused by FlexiSPY uploading data constantly. We did a test and increased the data upload time and number of events so that only the first 50 events were captured or data was uploaded every 3 hours instead.

With these new settings, we found that the phone still ran warm. This suggests that the problem may not be related to FlexiSPY and may instead be caused by other applications installed on the phone. For example, we had antivirus installed which is set to always scan in the background, so that may have also been contributing to the device heating up.

After removing our antivirus software completely, we found that the device heating up stopped. Now that we had found the cause, we set the data capturing settings of FlexiSPY back to the default to capture data as quickly as possible and the device did not heat up again.

This goes to show that it is usually the device configuration that can affect things like battery life or data usage more than the cell phone spy app installed but being able to manage battery life and data usage effectively also helps make the best spy phone too and this is something that FlexiSPY is able to do well, compared to other Android spy apps.


This is the best spy phone app for customer support

FlexiSPY offers a wide range of support options. For presales, you can contact them by phone, email or support ticket but for technical support, it is email or support ticket only. For the price that they charge, which is far more than any other competitor, it would be nice to offer telephone support for technical issues because not everyone has time to submit a support ticket when they are on a deadline to get it installed and working. 

During our testing of FlexiSPY on Android we contacted FlexiSPY support for help with call recording and the data heating issue we mentioned earlier. In both times, FlexiSPY support managed to answer our questions but some of the answers were a little scripted. However, their support manner is more professional and courteous than competing spy phone apps.

The reply time, from our experience at least, was fast too. We got a reply to our tickets well within 24 hours. In one case, we got a reply merely ten minutes after we submitted our ticket and it helped solve our issue. In many cases, we were directed to easy to read KB articles that explained and helped us solve our issue.

“FlexiSPY support staff always were quick to reply and solved our issues.”

FlexiSPY is not only the oldest cell phone spyware you can buy but it is also the Android spy phone with the most features. Sure, it may be a little technical to set up but when you consider this as the Ferrari of spy phone apps, you know that you are getting performance that is better than any other cell phone spyware, if you are willing to put a little more effort in to make sure the device is fully compatible and all the features are set up properly.

Because of this, for those that manage to get a compatible Android device, there is no other cell phone spyware app that provides the level of features and depth of support that you can buy. This makes FlexiSPY still the best Android spy phone.

FlexiSPY support gives you the best support you can buy from all the Android spy phone we have reviewed. The support staff were knowledgeable and quick to answer our questions. Our only issue is that they did not offer telephone support for technical support. If they did that then FlexiSPY would have the best customer support that would be head and shoulders above all its competitors.

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