Five Ways Mspy For Android Gets You Busted


⚠  FlexiSPY does not run surreptitiously as it offers the user the choice of showing the icon on the device if required.



Spy phone software being hidden has now become a feature itself and one of the most important ones. On Android there are many places where spy phone software that is advertised as being hidden can possibly be found and this article will compare Mspy with FlexiSPY on Android to see which ones actually delivers on the website promise of the software being completely undetectable. It was not Mspy. During our testing of Mspy for Android it was easy to find Mspy on the TARGET device because, when spy phone software says it is undetectable it usually means just hiding the program icon and nothing more. Because we were able to find Mspy we then perform the same tests with FlexiSPY so you can really see which Android spy phone software makes true on its website promise of being completely hidden once installed on to an Android phone.

Mspy sells their software as being invisible

Mspy advertise that their software is in fact 100% undetectable but this is not the case.


Mspy advertises on their website that their Android software is hidden – it’s not.

Mspy is not completely invisible and can be detected. Here is what we found.

  1. Mspy was flagged as a virus when scanned by antivirus

Even though Mspy hides its own icon it still gets flagged as a virus so the phone owner can see that, notice something wrong has been installed and quickly remove it.  FlexiSPY on the other hand is not classed as a virus in any way when scanned.

See the evidence

During installation Mspy is flagged as a trojan using 360 antivirus.


Mspy was flagged as a virus during tests.

Lookout Antivirus also flags Mspy as malware and even forces you to uninstall it if you want to keep using Lookout antivirus.


Lookout Antivirus further confirmed that Mspy was not safe to be installed.

On the same phone we removed Mspy and then installed FlexiSPY. First we scanned the phone using 360 antivirus and no threats were found.


When scanned by antivirus software FlexiSPY was found to be safe.

We then performed the same scan with Lookout Antivirus. Again, no threats were found.


Lookout Antivirus also listed FlexiSPY as not being a threat.

  1. Mspy was unable to hide the SuperSU icon or itself inside SuperSU

On a rooted phone there will always be the SuperSU icon which appears after you have successfully rooted it. Because you need root permission to get the most out of Mspy the phone owner will immediately notice this new icon and they can then tap it to view Mspy listed inside and can then set about removing it. FlexiSPY not only hides the SuperSU icon but also itself from inside SuperSU.  This means that only FlexiSPY hides itself completely on a rooted Android phone when compared to Mspy.

See the evidence

To get the most out of Mspy on an Android phone you must root the Android phone first. This will install an application called SuperSU. This application itself will install its own icon as shown in the picture below.


Once you root an Android phone to install Mspy the SuperSU icon will be visible – Mspy cannot hide this.

Mspy can hide its own icon but it cannot hide SuperSU. This leads the Android phone owner to question what SuperSU is and so become suspicious that someone has tampered with their phone. Secondly on-screen notifications will appear randomly stating that Mspy has been granted root access from SuperSU.


With Mspy installed on a rooted Android phone regular SuperSU notifications will appear drawing attention to the phone owner.

Because our Android device is rooted every time Mspy needs access to the system to capture any data it has to get permission to do so from SuperSU and so this message will appear. Because Mspy cannot hide SuperSU it means that, at any time, you can open it and see all programs which have been granted superuser access – including Mspy.


Once you open up SuperSU Mspy is visible which also draws attention.

Rooting an Android phone will always install SuperSU. This means that the Android phone owner will immediately see this new icon and see that something has changed. FlexiSPY gives specific directions during installation for how to make sure FlexiSPY is not visible inside SuperSU.


Only FlexiSPY hides SuperSU during installation for complete stealth.

Once you have followed the directions above, if you go in to SuperSU FlexiSPY will not be listed.


FlexiSPY hides itself inside SuperSU as well.

But that is not all. FlexiSPY goes even deeper to make sure that their Android software truly is hidden. FlexiSPY hides SuperSU completely.


FlexiSPY makes hiding SuperSU as simple as possible for complete invisibility.

With the SuperSU icon hidden completely there are also no on-screen SuperSU notifications like there was with Mspy.

  1. Mspy can be uninstalled from the application manager menu

Even on a rooted phone Mspy still appears in the application manager menu. All it takes is the phone owner to see an unfamiliar program has been installed and for them to perform a few taps to remove it and then Mspy is gone.  Once FlexiSPY has been installed on to an Android phone it no longer appears in the application manager menu and cannot be removed the same way that Mspy can.

See the evidence

Mspy can easily be found by going to Settings > Manage Application.


Even on a rooted Android phone Mspy can be easily removed just like any other Android program installed.

Removing Mspy is not as easy as removing normal applications from this menu (tapping it and then tapping Uninstall) but it can still be removed. Mspy installs itself as a device administrator called Update Service. Until this is deactivated Mspy cannot be uninstalled normally. However it is easy to disable the device administrator that Mspy installs. All you need to do is go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators.


Mspy installs itself as a Device Administrator to try and make it harder to remove.

Make sure that Update Service is not checked.


Uninstalling Mspy as a Device Administrator is a simple process.

Tap Deactivate on the menu that appears and you can now go back and uninstall Mspy normally.


Uninstalling Mspy as a Device Administrator is a simple process.


Deactivating Mspy as a device administrator makes it easier to install.

Go back to Settings > Application Manager and tap the Mspy process name.


Once you have deactivated the Mspy Device Administrator it can be removed like any other Android program.

Tap Uninstall and Mspy will be removed completely from the Android phone. FlexiSPY is not listed in any form inside the application manager once it has been installed on to a rooted Android phone which means it cannot be removed by conventional means.


FlexiSPY is not listed inside the Manage Applications menu which means it cannot be removed.

It can only be removed by the person who installed FlexiSPY on to the Android phone to start with.

  1. Mspy could be found and uninstalled using third party software

The more technical Android user will be familiar with task manager software as it allows them to see how their phone is performing and see which applications use up the most memory or battery for example. This same software also lists Mspy and allows for it to be uninstalled completely.  But because FlexiSPY is completely once installed on to an Android phone not even task manager software can find it.

See the evidence

Using third party software that was free on the Google Play Store the list of processes running on the Android phone was examined to see if Mspy was listed and, if it was, if it could be uninstalled. Mspy is both listed and can be removed very easily.


Mspy can also be found using Task Manager software and because it can be found it can also be removed.

Because it can be listed it can also be uninstalled.


Mspy can be easily removed using Task Manager software.

We used the same task manager program to see if it could find FlexiSPY. Unlike Mspy it was not listed as a process and so it could not be removed.


Even Task Manager software cannot find FlexiSPY once installed.

  1. Mspy was visible in the download list

Even though the software icon is hidden, in the phone browser, being able to see the download URL means that the phone owner can simply go to the website listed and immediately know that Mspy has been installed and they can then remove it using the other methods outlined above.

See the evidence

Inside the list of downloads both the Mspy download website and download file were visible. The Android phone owner can potentially then visit the Mspy download site listed and find out what has been installed.


The Mspy download link is easy to access which means the phone owner can trace it back to Mspy.

There is one more area to check that and that is the download and browser history to see if FlexiSPY is hidden from there. FlexiSPY was not found in both the browser history and the downloaded files list. The last thing you want is to install the spy phone software only for the Android phone owner to see where you downloaded it from the next time that they open their browser. FlexiSPY remains undetectable and hides all traces of itself so that even if the Android phone owner tries to look for FlexiSPY it will not be found.

 FlexiSPY understands undetectability better than Mspy

To be the best spy phone software you need to be undetected. Mspy is definitely not undetectable as their website says and can easily be found in a variety of places.   FlexiSPY hides itself far better than Mspy and also deals with rooting and hiding itself and SuperSU in a far better way than Mspy too. FlexiSPY is therefore clearly the obvious choice for Android spy phone software for those who wish to spy on a rooted Android phone and remain undetected whilst doing it. They even offer assistance with the Android rooting process which other competitors do not. Those of you who are interested in rooting an Android phone to be used with FlexiSPY can get assistance with doing that here.

Below you can find the detailed specifications of Mspy used during testing, the Android TARGET device and further information about all software used during testing.


A summary of the Mspy Android visibility results and details of software used during testing.

Author: Marc Harris

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    LG Phoenix 2
    Model # LG-K371
    Mobile Network Type- LTE
    Android Version- 7.0
    Kernel Version- 3.10.49
    Build #- NRD90U
    Software Version- K37120j

    I spent $200 & now I want to get the maximum amount of info. Can u make me my personalized guide to root the above phone please. I dont know how to make sure the correct drivers are installed or how to back it up in the ADB (whatever that stands for). I don’t really have the access to take the phone long enough to plug it into a computer. Are there any apps that u know work correctly that I can download on that device to accomplish this easily? I think I have included everything I might need as far as info about the phone. My email address is

  • DonnaK McGaffick

    Flexispy has 2 issues that I personally encountered when I installed the software on my Samsung S6 last year:

    1. the program sent a request to the network operator for “cloning” the phone being monitored, which also resulted in a billing change which would immediately alert the phone owner; and

    2. if you set a target number for text event alerts, they show up both on the monitored phone’s SMS messages and are also visible to the network operator, which would also raise awareness of the program on the phone.

    • Hello DonnaK.

      Both those issues can occur if either you did not root the TARGET device before installing FlexiSPY or the software doesn’t run in FULL mode on the rooted TARGET device.

      In either of those cases you can expect to encounter the issues you outlined. We recommend you contact FlexiSPY support for more information.

      Spy Phone Review

      • DonnaK McGaffick

        The S6 was rooted but the software would only install and run in normal mode for some reason.

        • Hello.

          Unfortunately this may happen on certain handsets. The OS version and hardware configuration can stop FlexiSPY from running in FULL mode with all root features. There is no way to solve that because it is a device issue, not FlexiSPY. So FlexiSPY offered you the best features that were available for your particular device.

          Spy Phone Review.

  • Hello Cuckolded.

    The FlexiSPY update should be about a month, as a best estimate. Thank you for replying. Let us know if you do indeed actually get refunded. You are right, yes, currently FlexiSPY is detected by Smart Manager in the same way. One difference though is that, when you install FlexiSPY, you are guided on how to disable the SuperSU notifications for a rooted device.

    With these disabled, the TARGET device will no longer display the notices from SuperSU that the software has been granted access to a secure shell. When these notifications appear it means the software is seeking root permissions from SuperSU to perform a task. When we tested Mspy, there was no way to suppress these notifications and they appeared with alarming regularity on our test device.

    So, for any non-Samsung device, that does not have Smart Manager, Mspy is still rather easy to discover in other ways too.

    Let us know you get on.


    Spy Phone Review

    • Cuckolded

      Thanks again – am I correct reading between the lines here that the upcoming FlexiSPY fix WILL still require the target device to be rooted (as easy or complex as that may be) in order to get around the Samsung SmartManager issue and that sadly ‘un rooted’ Samsung devices are ultimately no longer a viable target for spyapps anymore?

      • Hello Cuckolded.

        Unfortunately, you are right, the software, when running on non-rooted devices, will always be detected by software such as Smart Manager. The FlexiSPY update is for stopping detection on rooted devices, which can happen in certain cases.

        Spy Phone Review.

    • Cuckolded

      FINAL UPDATE: As you suggested Mspy, is hell bent on taking money for a product not fit for purpose and never issuing a refund under any circumstances. They have a very rigid refund policy that makes it all but impossible. Yet I actually did meet all requirements and was still turned down! Fortunately I installed the product on my own personal phone to test it first – installing it on one that you do not own automatically disqualifies you under their T&C’s (which do not prevail over any inherrent consumer rights you might have by the way).
      As for their technical support to resolve the issue. It was a joke. It requires modifying the phone and editing system files which should not be required unless you want all features supported – and didn’t solve the problem anyway. Their final advice to ‘force stop’ Samsung Smart Manager and clear the cache is also only a temporary fix as it will automatically restart when the phone is next turned off and back on. In short – Mspy is useless on newer Samsung handsets that have Smart Manager as a built in system protection app. I have now initiated a refund request via PayPal.
      My advice to anyone considering purchasing from Mspy is DON”T!!! You won’t get what you pay for and you won’t get your money back. They are as shonky as hell!

  • Cuckolded

    On the new Samsung hansets (ie S6 and newer – possibly older) the Samsung Smart Manager App detects both the root app and “Update Service” (ie mMspy) as Malware. Despite instructions from Mspy on how to suppress notifications from the hidden apps themselves and in SmartManager, this WILL NOT supress detected malware/risk notifications from SmartManager which will regurlarly push “Device Security” notifications throughout the day. Hidden App or not, the phone user WILL BE ALERTED (which is worse than just potentially stumbling across it in their Apps!!).

    I am so glad I decided to try Mspy on my own phone before attempting to install in on the target phone. On a side note – rooting the phone and installing Mspy is not a quick task, meaning you will need extended access to the handset to set everything up fully.
    Not only being detectable but generating constant security warnings means this product is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Don’t buy it, and if sadly you already have (like me), explore options to have your purchase charged back due to reasons of ‘not fit for purpose’ and ‘false advertising’.

    • Hello Cuckolded.

      Thanks very much for sharing your experience with Mspy. Rumours are, from our sources, FlexiSPY has found a way to make sure Smart Manager, even when installed, does not detect FlexiSPY. That would make FlexiSPY the only spyphone software to not actually get flagged by Smart Manager.

      They are looking to release this new update very soon to their Android software so you may want to wait for that and check that out.

      Sadly, Mspy isn’t really hidden. Despite what they want you to think. Smart Manager especially can detect it. However, there are ways to remove Smart Manager from the phone if the phone is rooted. Although this can be somewhat technical and the device owner will most likely know its missing because of the fact that Smart Manager is now ingrained in to the heart of Samsung’s Android OS.

      We would like to know please, if you would be so kind to share, did you manage to get a refund from Mspy because of this? Mspy say they have a 1% refund rate for their transactions. We don’t believe that and we just want some evidence that they really do not actually give out refunds. Or, did you end up filing a chargeback against the purchase instead?

      Let us know.

      Spy Phone Review.

  • KR

    Can flexispy be deleted by the target phone unkn
    own sources once installed ?

    • Hello KR.

      If the device is not rooted then yes, the software may be detected by antivirus. Mspy works exactly the same and gets detected too in the same manner.

      In fact, because Mspy installs itself as an Administrator, meaning you cannot uninstall it from the Application Manager menu without disabling the Administrator account first, this immediately tells the device owner that something is wrong.

      If the device owner doesn’t know how to delete the Mspy Administrator account then they will just factory reset their device and Mspy is gone.

      Spy Phone Review

  • K dad

    I tried mspy it takes alot of the battery charge and also takes alot of the data plane flexspy same! ?

    • Hello K dad.

      You can set FlexiSPY to only upload data after a certain time period (e.g. 24 hours) or by the number of events captured (1 event would be an SMS message, for example).

      This is an either/or system so if you set the software to upload data every 24 hours or 500 events the software will only upload data when either of those conditions are true.

      So, if you only got 10 events captured in 24 hours then only those would be uploaded. This flexibility allows you to make sure that the software captures enough data whilst not draining the device battery.

      Spy Phone Review.

  • Dan

    super su will be visible in application manager even after flexispy installation…this will expose the information that the target phone is rooted and the target user can unroot the phone. Is there a way to hide root and super su info in application manager?

  • Jeremy

    Hello. Why doesn’t FlexiSpy support Snapchat for Android? I know mSpy does but I heard that it is pretty problematic.

  • Christina

    So how do I make sure all areas of mspy is hidden so it will be revealed on the
    Note: not that good with tech lingo. Lol

  • Peteria

    So if we remove FlexiSpy from SuperSU’s apps list, it won’t be visible on SuperSU. But what if target phone reboots. FlexiSpy will have to ask SuperSU for root access again since we have deleted it from the SuperSU list (which remembers the apps to give full root access).

    • Hello Peteria.

      During the installation of FlexiSPY on a rooted Android device you are asked steps to hide the software from being visible inside SuperSU. There is no need to get root permissions from the software after doing that for each time the software runs.

      Spy Phone Review.

      • Peteria

        What about mSpy? It doesn’t hide itself in SuperSU. But will it ask for permissions again if hiding is done manually?

        • Hello Peteria.

          In our tests, even if you hide Mspy during installation the notifications when it asks SuperSU for root permissions still popped up on the device. Please note that hiding Mspy is just the icon. Any other reference to it (e.g. Application Manager, inside SuperSU) is still visible.

          Spy Phone Review.

          • Peteria

            Hey there thanks for answer. So if we hide it from within SuperSU it’ll have to ask the user for root access permission again, and if we don’t hide it, it’s right there. Did I get it right?

          • Hello Peteria.

            Essentially you are correct. If you hide Mspy within SuperSU yourself and also hide the Mspy icon after install the SuperSU notifications will still appear every time Mspy asks for root permissions from SuperSU.

            This means the notifications can appear many times, often every minute or so, which means Mspy is discovered pretty quickly and isn’t really hidden.

            Spy Phone Review.spy

          • Peteria

            Just to make sure. By notification do you mean (x application demands root access, what do you want to do? Grant or Deny) or do you mean (x application granted root access for an interactive shell)?

          • Hello Peteria.

            We are referring to the second kind of notification message.

            Spy Phone Review.

          • Peteria

            Sorry for asking too many questions but if we hide an app in SuperSU I believe it can not obtain root access without asking the user again next time. In order to remember a choice (grant or deny) about an app SuperSU must list that app on its Apps tab.

          • Hello Peteria.

            Inside SuperSU you can set an app to be globally accepted or rejected.

            If accepted then it won’t ask again for permission unless app is uninstalled and reinstalled.

            Upon reinstall you must tap GRANT or DENY accordingly when asked.

            It will then appear inside SuperSU and you can set the global permissions.

            Spy Phone Review.

          • Peteria

            Well far as I know you can set an app’s “Access” to “Grant” (other options being Prompt or Deny). And then app won’t ask for permission again but then the app will be visible in SuperSU. If you remove it from within SuperSU then it won’t remember your choice for this specific app and therefore will ask for permission when it tries to run with root access again.

          • Hello Peteria.

            During our tests Mspy was neither hidden from Mspy and it kept displaying notification messages as we discussed. FlexiSPY, when we tested that, was neither visible inside SuperSU on a rooted device nor were any notification messages displayed either during testing.

            We did get full root permissions on the devices we tested for both products. It may be different if only partial root access can be obtained.

            Spy Phone Review.

          • Peteria

            Hello again.

            After using both the mSpy and Flexispy for a while I started to wonder something. Is it possible to make these apps move to /system/app ? Is it possible that they’ll work that way?

          • Hello Peteria.

            The apps won’t work that way.

            Spy Phone Review

          • Peteria

            Hey there! Before reading your answer I asked FlexiSpy about it (live chat) but they said it would work. Honestly people at live chat are more customer service based, therefore it is okay that they can not know a lot about technical parts,yet, I’m a little confused. Would you please tell why they wouldn’t work in /system/app?

    • Hello Peteria.

      You should have turned off notifications inside SuperSU so the notices you refer to won’t show.

      Spy Phone Review

  • Shaves

    Flexispy (SUPERSU) is NOT invisible to the target phone user!!! It appears in application manager and if the target phone user uninstalls SUPERSU it renders Flexispy useless!

    • Hello Shaves.

      FlexiSPY hides the SuperSU icon which is more than any other competing software.

      Programmatically it is only ever possible to hide the SuperSU icon due to how SuperSU installs itself and that is because of the SuperSU creator.

      That is why free apps such as Hide My Root work in the same manner. FlexiSPY is not responsible for SuperSU and simply has to make the most of what SuperSU grants it programmatically.

      FlexiSPY itself is still hidden completely on a rooted device and that is the main thing.

      Thanks for contacting us.

      Spy Phone Review.

      • Shaves

        So if Supersu is visible, what app can be used in it’s place that won’t be visible?

        • Hello Shaves.

          There are no other alternatives to SuperSU for a rooted device unfortunately.

          All root packages or root tools always result in installing SuperSU because only by rooting the device can SuperSU ever be installed.

          Spy Phone Review.

      • Lavender

        Can I use it on my oneplus phone ( with android operating system)
        Do I have to root my device ?

        • Hello.

          You can install it on a rooted or non-rooted device but certain features only work on a rooted device.

          See the rooting page on Spy Phone Review for more information.

          Spy Phone Review

  • Robinson Vega

    Most important question here is- for android non rooted features of flexi-spy to work will the phone OS require to be at 4.2 or will it still operate properly at 5.0 jelly bean?

    • Hello Robinson.

      At this time FlexiSPY only works up to Android OS 4.4.2 across all Android products. It does not matter if the device is rooted or not. Android L (5.0) is not supported in any way by FlexiSPY at this time.

  • Robinson Vega

    MSPY sucks regardeless, they use to be good. You was able to record calls etc.. Now it does nothing that Family 360 free version can’t do. Why pay for something I can get for free. YOu guys seem to still have the phone recording feature. That alone seperates you from the rest. No competition here, hands down!

    • Hello Robinson.

      Recently Mspy, Mobile Spy and even Highster Mobile have all removed either call recording, spycall (listen to the surroundings), ambient recording or a combination of the three features from their product lineup without informing their customers first.

      Even OwnSpy, which advertises call recording for iPhone (something FlexiSPY offers through FlexiSPY Extreme and FlexiRECORD) fails to work on iOS 8.

      This means that FlexiSPY is currently the only smartphone monitoring product to offer call recording, ambient recording and spycall (listen to the surroundings) as part of its product features.

      Thanks for contacting us.

      Spy Phone Review.

  • Karol Olszewski

    I think you are just some asshole from 3rd world countries

  • Leo

    What about a test result comparing the undetectability / detectability between FlexiSpy, mSpy and other leading software on an iPhone?