Five Ways Mobistealth On Android Will Get You Caught


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When it comes to spy phone software you want to use one that is completely hidden once installed. On an Android phone there are many different areas where spy phone software could potentially be found if it is not hidden properly. In fact many spy phone software advertises itself as being ‘undetectable’ or ‘completely hidden’ but this means simply hiding the software icon – nothing more.

This article takes a look at Mobistealth to see if the claims on its website of it being hidden are actually true or, if not, how and where the software can be found once installed on the Android TARGET device. After that the same areas will be looked at with FlexiSPY installed to see just how well Mobistealth and FlexiSPY are hidden on an Android TARGET phone.

Mobistealth Sells Their Software As Being Invisible

Mobistealth advertise that their software is in fact 100% undetectable but this is not the case.


Mobistealth advertise their software as being hidden on their website.

Mobistealth is not completely invisible and can be detected.

Here is what we found.

From our testing Mobistealth was actually not very well hidden at all.

  1. Mobistealth was flagged as a virus when scanned by antivirus.

Antivirus software is one way to find spy phone software that is advertised as being hidden. Mobistealth was no exception to this and was flagged as a virus during testing from two different Android antivirus programs used during testing.  FlexiSPY on the other hand, when scanned by the same two antivirus programs was completely safe.

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Mobistealth was flagged as a trojan by both antivirus software that was tested.

Interestingly though only Lookout Antivirus flagged both Mobistealth itself and the installation file as a virus. 360 Security only flagged Mobistealth itself.


Mobistealth was found to be a virus when scanned by 360 Antivirus.


Lookout Antivirus also flagged Mobistealth as a virus.


Mobile Spy names itself after the popular Android antivirus software Lookout in a bid to avoid deletion.

On the same phone we removed StealthGenie and then installed FlexiSPY.

First we scanned the phone using 360 antivirus and no threats were found and then FlexiSPY was scanned using Lookout Antivirus and again no threat was found.


When scanned by antivirus software FlexiSPY was found to be safe.


Lookout Antivirus also listed FlexiSPY as not being a threat.

2. Mobistealth was unable to hide the SuperSU icon or itself from SuperSU.

Whilst Mobistealth can hide its own icon it cannot hide the SuperSU icon that appears after successfully rooting an Android device. Nor can Mobistealth remove itself from SuperSU once it has been granted permissions which are required for certain Mobistealth features to work.

This means that the phone owner will automatically know something has changed because of the new SuperSU icon which has appeared and they can then investigate it further and find Mobistealth and remove it.  In comparison to this only FlexiSPY hides SuperSU during installation and also hides itself from being visible inside SuperSU as well.

See the evidence

In order to install Android spy phone software and to get the most features you usually have to root the Android phone first. This is a technical process that is unique to every Android handset. It allows you to get full access to the phone software and this allows you to install the spy phone software and get many advanced features.

Mobistealth provide no assistance with the rooting process. But once you successfully manage to root an Android phone it will install an application called SuperSU. SuperSU is the application that the Android spy phone software communicates with in order to function.

This application itself will install its own icon as shown in the picture below.


Mobistealth is unable to hide SuperSU on a rooted Android phone so the SuperSU icon immediately causes suspicion.

Mobistealth cannot hide this icon it means that immediately the Android phone owner will know that something has changed. In fact it seems that when the majority of spy software advertises itself as being hidden or undetectable it merely means that it hides its own icon and nothing more.

Not only is SuperSU visible and has its own icon but, if you tap it to open it, you can find the name of the Android spy phone software listed. Ideally you need Android spy phone software that can hide both the SuperSU icon and all traces of itself inside the SuperSU application.

Mobistealth cannot do either of these.

Rooting an Android phone will always install SuperSU. This means that the Android phone owner will immediately see this new icon and see that something has changed.

FlexiSPY gives specific directions during installation for how to make sure FlexiSPY is not visible inside SuperSU.


Only FlexiSPY hides SuperSU during installation for complete stealth.

Once you have followed the directions above, if you go in to SuperSU FlexiSPY will not be listed.


FlexiSPY hides itself inside SuperSU as well.

But that is not all. FlexiSPY goes even deeper to make sure that their Android software truly is hidden.

FlexiSPY hides SuperSU completely.


FlexiSPY makes hiding SuperSU as simple as possible for complete invisibility.

3.    Mobistealth can be uninstalled from the application manager menu.

Because Mobistealth only hides its own icon it still appear in the application manager menu which means it can still be removed the same way as any other normal Android application installed on the phone. The phone owner can simply go through the list of installed applications and remove the ones that they are unfamiliar with, such as Mobistealth.

FlexiSPY gets around this by hiding itself from the Manage Applications list so that there is no easy way to remove it.

See the evidence

Mobistealth, like other competitors, try to make themselves hard to install. They do this because they are otherwise visible and can easily be removed in a few steps.

All you need to do is simply go to Settings > Security and the device administrator that Mobistealth has installed can be deactivated. Once the device administrator has been deactivated you can remove Mobistealth in the same way as any other Android application.


Even though Mobistealth installs itself as a Device Administrator this can be easily disabled and the software easily removed.


Simply tap the Deactivate button as shown to easily remove Mobistealth.


With the Device Administrator disabled Mobistealth can be removed from the standard Manage Applications menu as shown.

FlexiSPY is not listed in any form inside the application manager once it has been installed on to a rooted Android phone which means it cannot be removed by conventional means.


FlexiSPY is not listed inside the Manage Applications menu which means it cannot be removed.

It can only be removed by the person who installed FlexiSPY on to the Android phone to start with.

4. Mobistealth could be found and uninstalled using third party software

Because only the icon is hidden third party task manager software was also able to show Mobistealth and, through that program, Mobistealth could then be removed by the phone owner. If spy phone software is being advertised as being hidden then this should not be possible.  In contrast to this the very same Task Manager that was used to find and uninstall Mobistealth was unable to find and uninstall FlexiSPY proving that FlexiSPY is far better stealth than Mobistealth.

See the evidence

During the installation of Mobistealth the name of the process is given.

Therefore it is perfectly plausible, if the Android owner has antivirus software installed, that they notice that Mobistealth is flagged as a virus and decide to investigate further.

This is where they would use a task manager application to find and eliminate Mobistealth. In our tests it was easy to find Mobistealth using Android Task Manager which is free on the Google Play Store.


Task Manager software easily detected Mobistealth.

Mobistealth can then also be removed.


Uninstalling Mobistealth using Task Manager software is easy.

We used the same task manager program to see if it could find FlexiSPY. Unlike Mobistealth it was not listed as a process and so it could not be removed.


Even Task Manager software cannot find FlexiSPY once installed.

5. Mobistealth was visible in the download list

You can see the Mobistealth APK file that was downloaded to install the software in the download history. The Android phone owner only needs to visit the same website listed underneath the name of the Mobistealth download to find out that Mobistealth has been installed on to their phone.  FlexiSPY leaves no traces in the Android phone web browser or download history once it is installed.

See the evidence

So far Mobistealth was found in all the areas that we looked. The remaining area to check was the browser itself. Whilst Mobistealth and the download site did not appear in the browsing history you could still find the Mobistealth software download file itself which lists the download site also.


Mobistealth remains visible in the download history after install meaning it can be easily discovered by the phone owner.

There is one more area to check that and that is the download and browser history to see if FlexiSPY is hidden from there. FlexiSPY was not found in both the browser history and the downloaded files list. The last thing you want is to install the spy phone software only for the Android phone owner to see where you downloaded it from the next time that they open their browser.

FlexiSPY remains undetectable and hides all traces of itself so that even if the Android phone owner tries to look for FlexiSPY it will not be found.

FlexiSPY Gives You Real Android Stealth Software

Mobistealth and all competitors we have reviewed, when they are stacked up against FlexiSPY, are just visible in too many key areas. Mobistealth proved no trouble when we took the time to search and find it.

Even though Mobistealth advertises their software as being hidden or that the person will never know they are being monitored it is time to separate fact from fiction. In truth Mobistealth is easy to find if you just take the time to look and the fact that it can be seen in the download history and is not automatically deleted can really compromise the person who put it there to start with.

That is hardly what you want spy software to do. End up getting you caught because it was not as hidden as they said it was. All competitors reviewed are the same in this regard. This is why, for complete stealth when spying on an Android phone, a rooted phone with FlexiSPY is the way forward. FlexiSPY even want to help you root an Android phone so, for those of you who are interested in rooting an Android phone to be used with FlexiSPY, you can get assistance with doing that here.

Below you can find the detailed specifications of Mobistealth used during testing, the Android TARGET device and further information about all software used during testing.


The full details of Mobistealth and the Android TARGET device and software used during testing is below.


Learn More About FlexiSPY


Author: Marc Harris

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